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Charger Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic process for installing an electric vehicle charger?

Depending on the location and plan, the installation process of the electric vehicle charger may be slightly different, but the overall process can be divided into the following steps:

1. Engineers conduct on-site inspections to assess whether the surrounding environment is suitable for installing electric vehicle charging facilities.

2. Review power requirements. If necessary, arrange to apply for additional power supply from the power company for charging of electric vehicles.

3. Lay power lines, install switches and related safety facilities.

4. Install the electric vehicle charger. If there are additional needs, install anti-theft and waterproof boxes, etc. at the same time.

5. After inspecting the environment on site, we will directly quote the price to the car owner according to the installation requirements list as needed.

Can I install an electric vehicle charger in my parking space?

As an electric vehicle owner, it is of course best to have a private charging location. However, due to various reasons such as ownership and management, not all parking locations can be equipped with private electric vehicle chargers.

Generally speaking, the following are the locations where a private electric vehicle charger can be installed:

  • Village house or private property, parking location is in front of the house or inside the house
  • On private land or property (such as industrial and commercial land, factories, etc.)

The following locations can be installed, but communication with other owners is required:

  • Public parking spaces in village houses (need to communicate with the village chief or owner)
  • Open air (commonly known as bad land) parking lot (need to communicate with the owner)
  • Buy a parking space (need to communicate with the major owner)

As for general rental parking spaces, housing estates, etc., it is generally necessary to obtain the consent of the owners' corporation to provide charging solutions for the entire parking lot. You can contact relevant corporations and individuals to inquire about the possibility of installing electric vehicle chargers. We also provide residential/commercial/large electric vehicle charging solutions, please contact us for more information.

How much does it cost to install a private electric vehicle charger?

The typical total cost of installing a private electric vehicle charger is approximately HK$20,000 to HK$30,000. However, if additional wiring, changes to existing electrical installations, etc. are required, the cost will be higher.

We are a source installation contractor, not an intermediary, so we can install home electric vehicle chargers at nearly half the market price and provide specialized maintenance.

What will the installation include?

  • Dedicated personnel come to inspect
  • Basic wiring installation (charged according to actual size)
  • Independent Fuse (32A Fuse) Single Phase/Three Phase
  • independent switching system
  • Medium speed charger installed in one line
  • Waterproof box (additional charge if required by the management office)

Quality guarantee:

Single-phase 7kW / Three-phase 11kW / Three-phase 22kW Same price

Engineers will install the highest charging power for you based on the power supply.

The charger features a 2-year maintenance (non-human damage), and the charger will be replaced every time during the maintenance period.

The team of senior electricians is responsible for:

Installed more than 500 times

Registered electrical contractor

Registered A-licensed electrical technician in Hong Kong

5 years of relevant engineering project experience

Installation project actual photos

Building cable comb

Install meter box

pull cable

Installation table front

Install independent smart meters on behalf of customers

Install the charger waterproof box