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RGO-300 UV wireless mite removal machine

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  • RO reverse osmosis purification technology
  • Add "Hydrogen Water" Technology
  • Built-in LED UVC disinfection and sterilization
  • 3 filters, 4 purifications
    - PAC 2in1 composite filter element
    - RO reverse osmosis purification filter
    - CF weak alkaline strontium-rich carbon rod composite filter element
  • 3 seconds instant heating technology (85-95˚C),
    Semiconductor refrigeration technology (down to 10˚C)
  • 6 preset water temperature modes
    (Normal, Milk, Cold, Coffee, Tea, Hot)
  • Water volume adjustment (150ml, 300ml,
    Any water outlet switch mode (up to 1200ml will automatically stop))
  • Large-capacity net waste separation tank (6L raw water/2.5L waste water)
  • Smart Cleaning Mode
  • Touch control, intelligent reminder (body status, filter replacement reminder, etc.)

*Complies with CE international certification, SGS and ROHS electrical safety standards

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In the new era, everyone takes good health as the primary goal, and strives to clean everything and pay attention to hygiene.

Raycop GO is a cordless portable vacuum cleaner designed with the concept of "portability". The product is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection, high-efficiency suction and dual filters. It can be assembled according to the required mode according to the object or location to clean.

No matter where you go or the size of your objects, RAYCOP GO can create a clean, safe and comfortable environment for you, and you can go anywhere with confidence!

● Developed by Physicians
● Remove more than 99.9% of dust mites in 3 minutes, and purify PM2.5 and other harmful substances
● UV blue light to kill bacteria and dust mites
● Self-assemble the desired pattern to clean
● Proper suction so as not to damage the sheets fibers
● Wireless operation, easy to use: no matter the size or position of the object
● Light weight about 0.89kg
● UV safety sensor
● Washable dust box
● Country of Origin: Korea
● 1 year warranty
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The original licensed factory or agent provides one-year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong

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DW19-ROHY RO reverse osmosis water purifier


DW19-ROHY RO reverse osmosis water purifier

RO reverse osmosis purification technology

Built-in LED UVC disinfection and sterilization

3 filters, 4 purifications


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